Collection V


“Inspired by the everyday objects of the home, this collection requires the viewer to create their own narrative while seeking explanation and emotion from vivid colors and various shapes”

Love wakasi


With not much experience, I took a leap of faith to become a professional artist post graduation. And after lots of research and experimentation, I've finally reached a level of quality I'm happy to share and sell to collectors around the world.

Donnie's Bay Area

This SF masterpiece was created for my crazy friend, Trenton, aka Donnie, Dontrell, Don, Donwall…

Redwoods Joe

This is my “big,” Joe. Like a few of my Cal Poly teammates, Joey and I grew up playing soccer at the same club in San Jose…


Travis Pillon is truly a day one supporter and friend! I met Travis where I met many of my friends growing up, on the Santa Clara soccer field…

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