This SF masterpiece was created for my crazy friend, Trenton, aka Donnie, Dontrell, Don, Donwall.

If his name’s Trenton, why do we call him Donnie? Long story short, in one of our first nights in college, some drunk frat star barged into his room and decided that “Trent” did not fit him. He sporadically came up with the name “Dontrell” and the name stuck since. 

And of course, we took it one further and began creating nicknames from his nickname. 

Fast forward to present day, Donnie has become very close with me, my two brothers and my fam. Not only has he lived with both me and my older brother at different times, but is now showing my younger brother the ropes in Tuscon!

So when he said to go crazy on a piece for him, I took that literally and put as many symbols with as much detail as I could.

This was also not difficult to do as he wanted a San Francisco skyline piece with different bay area sports teams, so I had plenty of options on how to add detail. 

Further, with so many cool buildings in SF, it was hard to choose which ones to add. But I tried to hit all the major landmarks. 

In the piece, we have both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge, Coit Tower sitting above the Painted Ladies, Transamerica Pyramid, 181 Fremont (just a cool building), Salesforce Tower, and Lombard Street. As for the sports teams, we put the current stadiums of the Giants, 49ers and Warriors in the front. 

Another few pieces of custom detail were added such as the Walnut Creek highway sign (Donnie's hometown) and a small football with his initials, TM, flying above the Niners stadium.

While most of the colors are accurate, I made the buildings a little brighter than they actually are and added a few different colors to the stadiums for greater contrast. 

This artwork also goes “beyond” the frame with the bridges and a few of the buildings sticking out. 

With all that said, I hope this piece is crazy enough for you, brother Donnie, and I look forward to kickin it with you in the dirty T! Cheers:)

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