Hawks tower

Andrew and I go way back to Crocker middle school.

The year was 2007, motorola razors were in. This was the year Hawk and I met. We weren’t the closest of friends at the time but our relationship grew as we did. 

Fast forward to present day, I try to make an effort to go hang with him and a few other buddies every time I visit the bay. 

Andrew lives in an apartment with a few other of our friends right below Coit Tower and said they were in need of a piece for a certain empty wall. With inspiration right above his eyes, he knew he wanted a Coit Tower design. 

So I began with a simple Coit Tower sketch on a hill. But I wanted to add something that would make it more special and unique. 

One of the beautiful parts of San Francisco are the dense funky colored homes each neighborhood houses. The idea to add this part of the painting made sense as houses surround the tower as it sits atop a hill. 

Further, Hawk's apartment was one of those houses, which gave me an idea to make this piece more personal to him and his roommates. 

I took the outline of their building from google earth and then added their address with their district, North Beach, since thats a common way San Franciscans identify their area. 

With his approval, we moved forward to the colors. His love of sports and more specifically, the 49ers, drew him to symbolically rep his team through red and gold as the main attention grabbers.

We decided to make the Tower and their building Niners colors while the rest of the houses were painted using pastel colors similar to SF’s Painted Ladies. 

Lastly, the sky. To emulate SF’s dreary summer days, a mix of white, grey and silver were used with streaks of sky blue running down like rain. 

After a few weeks of painting, trimming, gluing and finishing, the piece was complete and packaged up to be hand-delivered. With a few other pieces to deliver, I made my way up to SF and helped hang the piece for him. And of course, we celebrated the unveiling of their new artwork with a few IPAs. 

Thank you Yung Hawk for your constant support and friendship! And I'm sure I'll see ya soon bud!!

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