I left my heart in Sf

April has been a family friend for as long as I can remember and has watched me and my siblings grow up as a nearby neighbor.

So when I started posting about my art, she was one of the first followers and supporters! The original Dripping Heart piece initially caught their attention, but with that one sold, I offered to make them something more unique. 

April and her husband Dan, explained their love of hearts and San Francisco, more specifically, the Golden Gate Bridge. Additionally they were looking for a piece that would fill an empty wall near their dining table, so putting together a design was a bit easier with their vision so clear. 

We went back and forth on a few small details, including the addition of their initials on the left side of the bridge and adjusting the length of the heart drips. 

With the design complete we discussed colors, arriving at a dark red bridge, navy blue and silver heart to match their interior design, and a mixed blue and grey sky representative of ideal SF weather. 


When the pieces dried, I took a second look at the heart. There was a decent amount of silver, but not enough to make the heart pop. 

Additionally, the technique I used to paint the heart created disparities in the pigment, which gave it a very natural, stone look, but also deferred the pop of silver that creates better contrast with the blue. 

I took a silver leafing pen and began connecting two lines of silver that had been broken when dried. (These are the lines you see in the final product).

With not much experience using these pens, it was a bit of a risk to start with a such a major commission piece, but I am more than happy with how it turned out.

With Kelly’s help I attached some hanging wire, taped the Certificate of Authenticity to the back and covered the front of the piece with shipping paper to protect the resin. We then loaded it into the car and set course for our hometown Hillsborough. 

A quick few nails in the wall and the piece was born! 

Thank you April and Dan for your support of me, my family and the community we all share. I hope this piece bring you great health, luck and happiness for years to come!

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