Kam's Nation

When Kam hit me up to make him a piece, I knew I had to make something extra special.

When Kam hit me up to make him a piece, I knew I had to make something extra special. As a roommate, classmate, and teammate, Kam has been my brother since my first day of college. We’ve had early mornings and long nights together playing soccer at Cal Poly, plus a lot of fun in between. So when he asked to commission a piece that would transport him into a world of serenity, I was eager to run with the idea!

In the design phase, we discussed various symbols, figures and shapes Kam resonated positively with. Ultimately we decided that a landscape scene would best fit his vision (and love of nature!).

With the concept in mind, Kam emphasized his love of Yosemite and Mammoth Lakes; specifically identifying Half Dome and the Minarets as monuments of interest. So I took the two landmarks, carefully outlined their shapes with as much detail as I could make out, and added a large circle in place of the sun.

But the piece did not look complete. It just needed a little extra design that would turn this from a simple landscape into a sentimental statement piece that would be cherished for years. 

With Kam recently starting his career as a firefighter, it was a no brainer to add the silhouette of the superhero Kam just became.

With the design competed, I worked on a few different color schemes that I felt would work best for this piece. We went back and forth on different ideas and finally came up with a scheme that was unique and meaningful to him. 

For the Minarets: silver, gold, white, and black to represent the luxurious beauty of these jagged tops. Half dome: A dark pink to imitate a natural sheen half dome can get when shot at the right hour. The sky: a dark blue sunset with the natural flow colors going towards the firefighter, as if the sun and sky’s energy are gravitating towards him. And lastly the firefighter: a bright orange to fight fire with fire. 

From there, the design phase was over and it was time for me to get to work. 

After a few weeks of painting, trimming, gluing and finishing, the piece was completed and Kam’s Nation would forever be seen. 

To bring you strength, courage and safety, thank you for watching over us Kam Nation. 

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