Travis Pillon is truly a day one supporter and friend!

I met Travis where I met many of my friends growing up, on the Santa Clara soccer field, wearing the De Anza Force training top. With a bit of an age difference, Travis played on the older squad with my brother, Kody, and became good friends through their weekly practices, games and tournaments. 

Many week nights I would drive to practice with Kody, yet would wait an hour until my u16’s team would arrive for training (id pass the time doing homework, getting an early stretch or, most of the time, nap hahaha). 

Kody and Travis’ friendship went beyond the field and eventually I, along with the rest of my family, got to know Travis at a more personal level as he began coming out to meals at away games with us, and even joined us for the Super Bowl one year at our house!

When I first started posting pictures of my art on instagram, Travis was one of the first liker, commenter, supporter and eventually client.

With an immediate interest, Travis hit me up and acquired “Perseverance“, an unconventional art piece that went “beyond the canvas walls”, better taking the form of a sculptural wall art. (Collection II)

It wasn’t long after that when Travis saw the vast capacity of design range with Wakasi Art and asked to commission a large masterpiece that would hang in his home forever. 

We jumped on a quick call together and began brainstorming an idea that would bring his vision to life. Like “Perserverance”, he liked the sharp-edged sculptural look but this time wanted something much larger to fill a space that had been empty for much too long, in his opinion.

With theses notes, I spent a few days working on a different designs that fit his requirements while adding a spin of my own. And after a bit of back and forth, we came up with this BEAST.


I must credit Travis for coming up with the “waterfall” idea. 

On the left, the individuals are structured, even and balanced. As you move towards the center, the shapes begin to tilt; they are still upright for the most part,  yet “falling.” 

This continues as the right side exhibits a mix of shapes positioned at a sharp angle.

With the design complete, I cut out the shapes and started painting.

But I didn’t how it was turning out. So I stopped, and went home. 

Not because I quit, but because I needed to let the paint dry overnight before trying again the next day. (okay, and I was a bit frustrated). 

But the second go was different; I switched up my technique to fit the shapes better, and had more patience with each piece. I sent Travis a quick “sneak peak” and he promptly approved! 

I struggled putting this piece together in my small studio; this was the largest piece I’ve ever done. Slowly but surely, I completed the piece and had my brother help me load it up in the car. 

A quick but very cautious drive up to Oakland, and Kel and I kerry it up the stairs and mount it on his wall. 

Safe to say Travis, his girlfriend, Sarina, and their pup Nash were very happy with how it turned out as we celebrated the new piece with a beer. 

Then as Kel and I drove away, I receive a call from Travis, "THE PIECE FELL!!"

My heart sank for a second and then he began to laugh and continue to explain how it was only a joke and that he really loved the piece. 

While I did not fully appreciate the joke, I do really appreciate your support Travis, and I hope this piece brings you joy for years to come! 

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